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Author, Your Career Success Blog -

Author, Forbes Woman

Guest Blogger – The Work at Home Woman

  • "Are You a Big Thinker" - June 2011
  • "How to Stop Self-Sabotage - April 2011
  • "You'll Never Know if You Don't Let Go - March 2011
  • "What Do You Fear: Finding What Stops You From Goal Attainment” – January 2011
  • "Get Ready for the New Year - Organize! - December 2010"A Thankful Life" - October 2010
  • "How to Uncover Your Strenths Using a Basic  Business Tool: The SWOT - September        2010
  • "How Persistence Can Help in Your Job Search and in Your Life" - August 2010
  • "Five Tips to Deal with Rude People" - July 2010          
  • "How to Get More Me Time"  - June 2010
  • “Holiday Survival Tactics”  - November 2009
  • “Even Wonder Woman Hangs Up Her Cape”  - October 2009

Guest Blogger - Central Florida Economic Council

  • Seifert, B. (2010). Employee Engagement: The Key to Organizational Success. ASTD Chapter Connections,  Vol. 6,   Issue 6.  p. 5
  • Seifert, B. (2009).  Five Steps on How to Get Clear on Your Career Choice. ASTD Chapter Connection, Vol. 6, Issue 5. p 14.
  • Seifert, B. (2009).  Helping Employees through the Economic Downturn. ASTD Chapter Connection, Vol. 6, Issue. 4. pp. 8-9.
  • Seifert, B. (2009). How to Communicate with a Boomer. ASTD Chapter Connection. Vol. 6, Issue 3. , p. 13.
  • Seifert, B. (2009). Managing a Multigenerational Workforce.  ASTD CFC Express. Vol. 6, Issue 3, p.11.
  • Seifert, B. (2008). Career Coaching: Helping to Get to the Next Phase, Stage or Step of Your Life. ASTD CFC Express. Vol. 6, Issue 2, p. 4.
  • Seifert, B. (2006). Organizational Memory as a Knowledge Management Function. ASTD CFC Express, Vol. 4, Issue 4, pp. 5-6.


   "Consummate Communication: How to Use Verbal and Nonverbal Communication for Workplace Success" - POPS, Inc.  April 2011

"Performance Consulting Skills", Expert Speaker Series, American Society of Training & Development, Central Florida Chapter, February 2011

"Adding Coaching to Your Tool Box: An Income for Thrapists", CFAMFT Monthly Meeting, October 2010

"Managing Your Career", Expert Speaker Series, American Society of Training & Develoopment, Central Florida Chapter, July 2010

“The Benefit of Journaling as a Coaching Tool: A Key to Employee Engagement by helping  Leaders (and Employees) to Discover Themselves”,  The Greater Orlando Organizational Development Network, Best Business Practices.  June 2010

“Increasing Your Self-Awareness for Professional Development:  The Shapes Test”, Oviedo-Winter Springs Chamber of Commerce Leads Group III. May 2010

“Slaying the Emotional Vampires to be Successful in Work and in Life”, Coffee Connections Networking Group. April 2010

“Self-Assessment  is the Key to Understanding Yourself – The Shapes Test”, Coffee Connections Networking Group. March 2010

“Marketing Across the Generations”.  Coffee Connections Networking Group. February 2010

 “Finding Your Career Purpose and Passion”.  Group workshop.  October 2009

"Goal-Setting for the New Year: Reaching Your Dreams". East Orlando Chamber of Commerce Leads Group. January, 2009.

"Career Coaching - Making the Most of Your Career". East Orlando Chamber of Commerce Leads Group. November 2008.

“How to Reach your Top 3 Goals or Die Trying”.  Invited speaker. Connections Group. September 2008

“Careers in the Field of Gerontology”, Invited speaker.  Webster University Lunch 'n Learn.  September 2008

“How to Get the Most From an Multigenerational Workforce:. Speaker: University of Central Florida Business Incubator Guest Lecturer Series. August 2008.

  “Finding Your Career Purpose and Passion”.  Speaker: Webster University Alumni Association. July 2008

“The Field of Coaching: Why It’s a Good Fit for Mental Health Providers”. Speaker; Barry University Counseling Department. July 2008.

“Looking Outward to Learn” Workshop to Seminole County school teachers. Sponsors:  Seminole Community College.  Invited panelist.  April 22, 2008.

“The Aging Population in Relation to Caregivng Needs”.  Featured Speaker. Holiday High Tea. Sponsors:  Sigma Phi Omega Honor & Professional Society, Epsilon Epsilon Chapter, Webster University.  December 2007.

“Looking Outward to Learn” Workshop to Seminole County teachers.  Sponsor: Seminole Community College. Invited panelist.  April 2007.

“The Problem with Aging” Workshop.  Invited panelist.  Sponsor:  Webster University.  December 2006.



Career Coach at the American Society of Training & Development International Convention, Orlando, FL May 2011

Judge for Miss Teen Orlando Pageant - Orlando, FL  February 2011

East Orlando Sun Newspaper.  "New Year, New Career".  January 2011

Career Coach at AARP 50+ National Convention - Orlando, FL  - September 30-October 2, 2010

Career Coach at AARP 50+ Career Expo - Tampa, FL - August 2010

Career Coach at Career Fair for Walmart managers – April 2010

Interview WDBO Radio, Orlando, FL.  “Career Seekers Hour”, March 2010

Interview,  Career Success Radio, Australia.  “Managing the Multigenerational Workforce”.  January, 2010

The Lakeland Ledger. “Finding a Job at Happy Hour.”  August, 2009

 The Washington Post.  “Finding a Job After 50”.  July, 2009.

abc7 in Los Angeles. “Finding a Job After 50”.  July, 2009

Inteview, Ivanhoe Iinteractive Media.  "Help for Mid-Career Women to be Viable in Today's Workforce".  June, 2009

Interview WKMG TV 6.  "Economoms and Transferable Skills to Secure a Job".  April 2009

Interview, WKMG TV 6.  "The Importance of Self-Assessment to Leverage Your Job Skills".  Part IV of series on How to Keep Your Job.   March 2009.

Orange County Teach-In. University High School - November 2008.

Radio Program, “How to Get the Most from a Multigenerational Workforce.  Guest. eWomenNetwork National Radio Show, WBAP - August 2008

Lake County Press, “How to Survive the Holidays Stress-Free”. - December 2007.

Radio Program, Holiday High Tea and Aging. Cox Radio with Beth Pernll.  November 30, 2007

Close-Up on the New China Program.  Shangahi Jiao Tong University and Global Hanyu & Culture Center, Shanghai, China. Participant. May 13-20, 2007.


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